For my Aussie friends

Just at your local store.









Took Renae over to Moreton Island to Tangalooma. We rode segways on the beach and her and Bryce snorkeled the ship wrecks. We had passes to feed the wild dolphins but something happened that has never happened at the wild dolphin feeding before. Usually the dolphins come in at dusk and are hand fed by all the tourists. 50-75 people line up and take turns walking into the ocean and hand feed them. Well last night a giant school of fish came swimming through the dolphin feeding area and the dolphins went crazy! So all the people waiting in line never got to hand feed the dolphins because the dolphins were feeding themselves! One guy standing there said he’s been working there 11 years and has never seen this happen! Luckily we didn’t line up on the shore yet so we got front row seats to the feeding frenzy! 20140609-164906.jpg20140609-164922.jpg20140609-164944.jpg20140609-165322.jpg20140609-165401.jpg20140609-165339.jpg20140609-165351.jpg20140609-165413.jpg20140609-171108.jpg20140609-171122.jpg20140609-171136.jpg20140609-171200.jpg

Gold Coast

Took Renae down to the Gold Coast yesterday. We went to surfers paradise and played on the beach and had a little swim. We also went to the top of the Q1 building. It’s one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. I don’t remember the exact height but I do know I didn’t like being up there! Renae said when she got here she wanted to do a backflip on the beach. Here’s a video and a couple photos Dan and Theresa! Your daughter doesn’t want to come home……..










One year anniversary!

Today is our one year anniversary of living in Brisbane Australia!!! We really can’t believe how fast it has gone. So much has happened in one year! Here’s a list of some of our memories and things we’ve learned along the way:
– I found out you don’t boil sausages
– you can get stuck in a round-a-bout just like the movie National Lampoons European Vacation
– Australians eat A LOT of lamb
– you get breathalized every time you get pulled over. No matter what. I passed for all my smart ass friends out there.
– A 4 foot python slithered across our front yard
– I stopped buying 12oz diet cokes at the grocery check out. $1.00 back home vs $4.50 in oz
-Lola learned how to ride a bike
– I’ve had 4 spiders and 3 lizards in my house
– we’ve had seven visitors in our first year in oz. My mom and dad, Bryce’s mom and friend Ellen, Betty and Jerry Schmidt and lastly Renae!
– I have totally dominated driving on the left hand side of the road
– I’m not attractive on FaceTime
– we’ve been on 6 different holidays (vacations) this past year. Noosa, stradbroke Island, Morton Island, Bribie Island, Twin Waters, Gold Coast.
(I love traveling with my kids…….)
– Bryce and I have made many friends that will be hard to say goodbye too in 4 years
– Kangaroo meat is standard in all grocery stores
– I almost died by cockatoo just walking to the park
– A magpie swooped and hit Bryce in the face. He almost cried.
– we are embracing the terms Aussies use; Kean, reckon, heaps, far out
– Lola needs Dramamine just to drive to the grocery store
– we do not understand vegemite
– Bella started kindergarten; graduated and now is in first grade
– held a koala, pet a kangaroo and ran from water dragons
– 400lb possums doing the hokey pokey on our roof at night, then silence…..Python must of got him
– our kids seeing the ocean for the first time

Needless to say, this opportunity has been amazing! Many more years to come!

Renae vs Vegemite

Day one, done

I’d say it’s been a great day. Renae got to take and pick Bella up from school. See cooper at his swimming lessons AND babysit! (mama needed her hair did!) Every one is tired and ready for bed. Tomorrow….the beach!!!!

Nae nae!!!!

Complete and total domination of the worlds longest flight by a 14 year old! She made it, you can now breathe Dan and Theresa!