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Oh! Double rainbow!

The next Randy Johnson

The eye

We went to dinner last night down at south bank. I took a couple photos of the Brisbane eye at night. We didn’t ride it for two reasons.
1. We found a parking garage that we thought was close to the restaurant, so we paid the $15.00 parking fee. Come to find out, the restaurant was 4 miles down the road. So since we paid $15.00 to park, Bryce made us walk the 4 miles……I had heels on……so needless to say we were late for dinner and didn’t have time to ride the eye.

2. This mama doesn’t do enclosed, trapping, cage like human hamster wheels. Sorry kids.





Just minor things that annoy me

Their clocks are in military time but they still say 1:45, not 13:45. If you say it, why can’t the clocks read it????? This requires me to do math and I don’t like it!

All phone numbers start with 0. Why do we have to say 0437? Why not just 437? And if your phone number has a double digit (88) they say double 8 instead of saying, 8,8. This really wouldn’t be a big deal but Aussies talk fast and obviously have an accent so I make them repeat what they said 55 times before I can understand them.

That’s all for now. I’m obviously having my period. #annoyed

Happy birthday!

Do work, son

Bryce and cooper putting together the table.


Ponies and beers