Sausage roll or motion sickness???

We had our first excursion out yesterday after finally getting unpacked. We hopped in Bryce’s car and headed out to his office to retreive some of our belongings from the “coffin” boxes. As we are unloading, a truck pulls up and honks its horn. All the shop guys head over, so we decide to go check it out. It was a traveling lunch truck. So we ordered a couple sausage rolls and a Gatorade. We finished our unpacking and headed back to the apartment. Not even MINUTES of getting back on the road we hear Lola crying in the back seat, “My tummy hurts”. So we haul ass to a gas station so she can poop. Then of course Bella starts crying “my tummy hurts too”. Oh shit, literally. So Bryce grabs both girls, throws them over his shoulders and took off running to the bathroom (Coop and I hung out in the car watching all the women with fake breasts get petrol) 30 minutes later he comes back. Both girls are walking at this point. Bryce gets in the car completely annoyed and both girls are in the back seat giggling. He said neither pooped. They both sat on the toilet trying their hardest, but nothing came out. So back in the car we go, winding and weaving around sharp corners, up and down big hills. Lola starts screaming, IM GONNA PUKE!! Then Bella starts crying I DON’T WANT HER TO PUKE ON ME!! So we throw her a diaper to puke in……that’s all we had. I’m in the passages seat with the iPad giving Bryce instructions on where to go since we have no idea where the apartment is. Bryce is yelling at Lola, while driving, to make sure to puke in the diaper and not on Bella. Finally we make it back and park in the parking garage. We get the kids out of the car and Lola pukes all over her shoes, my shoes, and the only walking path to the apartment. At this point Bella starts crying that she is gonna puke. Cooper meanwhile is standing there saying, BIG TRUCK. A man walks over and asks if we need some water, I tell him no, that I have some and hold up my diet coke (I thought I was holding a bottled water) he gave me the weirdest look and walked away. We get upstairs and all is well. Sausage roll or motion sickness?? We’ll never know……

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