Trolley, nut sack, and extra virgin olive oil…….

We went to the mall yesterday to open our bank account and to get my new cell number at Telstra ( Telstra is their cellular carrier). We were waiting in the store while they were working on my phone when all of a sudden CRASH! AHHHHHH….Lola was standing on the side of the trolly (shopping cart) and it tipped over on top of her. She ended up being fine but you could tell the employees were working extra hard on my phone to get us the hell out of their store. Finally my phone is done and Bryce is talking to the sales guys when out of left field Lola comes up and racks him! Bout dropped Bryce to his knees. Needless to say we left straight away. Next up, the grocery store…….We didn’t  even get two steps into the store and Bella has to go potty. The potty is outside around the corner, not in the store…..of course.  So I take her potty and Bryce starts shopping with cooper and Lola. When I get back Lola has to go potty…….of course. So Bryce takes Lola and cooper potty while Bella and I shop. They get back. Bella has to poop…….of course. So Bryce takes cooper and Bella while Lola and I shop. I have to poop……OF COURSE. So I leave the trolley next to the men’s shampoo and take off running with Lola in tow. We meet Bryce half way. He takes all three kids back into the store to retrieve our abandoned trolley. I get back. As soon as I walk into the store I hear all three of my kids crying. I look over and see Bryce and the kids in the checkout lane and Bryce has this look on his face of, GET THE EFF OVER HERE ABBY!. I walk over to see that Lola had dropped a glass bottle of extra virgin olive oil. It shattered and got all over her, Bella and cooper. The lady checking out ahead of us said, “this is why I don’t shop with children.”  

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