Real funny lady

So I asked the realtor of our house how concerned I should be about spiders and snakes. I told her that I have googled the huntsman spider and now have an irrational fear of the effers. She said, oh honey, the huntsman are the least of your worries….WHAT THE MOTHER F*&k? I said you better tell me everything now or there’s gonna be trouble. She said I will get little geckos in the house but they don’t bother anything. REALLY? Ummm apparently you are not understanding me lady, I don’t do…well….anything. No spiders, snakes, geckos or even a freaking cricket. The green tree snake will be my biggest problem she said. But not to worry because they aren’t poisonous. WHO GIVES A CRAP, IT’S A SNAKE! Needless to say she thinks I’m a crazy American. And needless to say I think she’s a crazy Aussie.

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