A famous donkey

Pretty lazy Sunday today. After the kids woke up from their nap we decided to drive by our new house in hopes some of the neighbors would be out. We got lucky, our neighbors across the street were out so we stop and had a chat. They have one son who is Bella’s age. They said there are 4 little girls up the street along with an American family from Virginia. Next to our new house we noticed some horses and a donkey. They said the donkey was theirs and it was famous. Apparently been on tv….he said he’d wait til we moved in to tell the whole story…..should be a doozie. Then of course I had to ask if the snakes and spiders were a problem. They looked at each other and started laughing……Apparently the builders of our house found a brown snake den in our backyard. For those who don’t know, those sons of bitches are deadly. Then they continued to tell me they found a snake in their sons room. I’m super jazzed about that. I told Bryce that I’m going to need therapy.

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