Things to get use to

Bathrooms are never in the store/restaurant. They are always outside and around the corner. Every time.

Our toilets are plumbed with rain water that is caught in a tank outside our house. So the toilet water is always yellow. Always.

Aussies say, “how ya going?” Instead of “how’s it going?” Throws me off ever time and I stutter, ummm gooodddd.?

95% of stores close at 5pm. We went to the grocery store last night at 4:45, not knowing they were closing in 15 mins. Fastest grocery store trip I’ve ever made.

Just because they speak English doesn’t mean it’s English.

No left turn on red. No matter what. A biker was sitting at the light and wouldn’t even turn.

Everything is small. Toasters,cars,washer and dryer. Not sure about the men, I’m a married woman.

The bats here are as big as a German shepherd. And they fill the sky’s at night.

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