Yesterday Bryce left work early so we could go car shopping. I still don’t have a car but need one before July 8th so I can get Bella to school. They really don’t have a true mini van down here. All their cars are small. Like Mini Cooper small. Or they have an SUV type car, like a Toyota land cruiser. I don’t want a big SUV because parking spaces here are made for coopers toy truck so I want a car. Only problem is our car seats don’t fit in their cars. It’s a real debacle. Bryce found a Volvo that seems to fit our carseats and isn’t the size of a semi. So yesterday we went to the Volvo dealership. As Bryce was standing there talking to the salesman cooper has his hands shoved down his diaper (doing what boys do) Then starts yelling, daddy pee pee! Daddy pee pee! Of course I just walked away and left Bryce standing there with his son who is playing with himself and a very embarrassed salesman. We left without a car.

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