Monthly Archives: July 2013


It’s a beautiful day today in Brisbane. I thought a picnic at riverside rocks would be a great idea. I pack a picnic and head off. Lola, cooper and I set up our blanket and get our sandwiches out when all of a sudden cooper starts screaming CHICHEN! CHICHEN! (Coopers way of saying, chicken. He calls all birds chichens) I look over and we are surrounded by birds and by accident I got the following video. The birds were swooping down biting coopers sandwich! Poor cooper is so afraid of chichens.

Spider #2

I’m standing in the drive talking to the neighbor when I see this gigantic spider on the house.


Witches hat

I have a funny story from Bryce’s trip back from Tasmania. He was boarding his flight out on the Tarmac in Tasmania and his boss was standing in front of him. The lady working on the airline told Bryce’s boss to go put his bag by the witches hat. Bryce thought to himself…..did she just say witches hat? So he followed his boss just to see what the hell she was talking about. He sat his bag down by an orange cone..,…witches hat…..

Pull-up ninjas




Bella got student of the week!

Daddy’s home!

Please please please

Pretty please let the one hit I get daily from the United Kingdom be princess Kate checking my blog whilst she’s breast feeding baby George! Please please please!!!