Peace out trout

I’m going to jump into the Brisbane river and get eaten by a bull shark. I cannot go through another day of trying to feed my children. Let’s get something straight, kids. It’s breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea then dinner. THAT’S IT! That’s all you’re getting! Ask me again for another apple or fruit snacks and I’m going to shove a spoon full of Vegemite in your mouth! Effing kids eat every 5 minutes and it’s enough to drive me bat shit crazy. Well who are we kidding, I’m already bat shit crazy but they could make it australian size bat shit crazy if they keep it up. Like I really have the energy to feed them all the time. I’ve been stepping over a pair of Lola’s dirty underwear in the living room for two days because I’m that lazy. And those underwear have skid marks which means she probably needs a bath. Now we all know ain’t nobody got time for that.

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