An Australian Winter

So I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s winter here. Highs around 70 during the day,lows around 34 at night. You see one extreme to another when it comes to clothing. One day at the shopping center (mall) I saw everything from tank tops and shorts to Ugg boots, jeans and a scarf. It’s crazy. It was 71 a couple days ago and I had on a short sleeved shirt and a skirt. I was picking Bella up from school and one of the moms said to me, “oh, you have your summer clothes on.” As she’s standing there in jeans, riding boots, sweater, coat and a scarf. The little boy with her had on a stocking cap, gum boots and winter coat. Again… was 71 out……

Ok, I know I’m not from Australia, but come on. Seriously? It’s warm out. If they only knew what a Nebraska winter was like. The people that I have met so far have warned me about how hot it gets here in the summer. I told them it gets pretty hot in Nebraska too. A couple days before I moved to Brisbane it was 107 in omaha. I always get bizarre looks. I forget they do temps in Celsius, so 107 would be hotter than…..well……hell.

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