Monthly Archives: August 2013

Red wine hangover

Lazy Saturday afternoon


Thirsty Thursday

I just spent a good 15 minutes walking around my house looking for my beer I was drinking. I even started to get mad at Bryce thinking he hid it. Come to find out I never even had one open in the first place. I think I might be losing it a bit.

Second care package

A second care package arrived today. It’s from our old neighbors, the Nastase’s. Obviously it’s for the kids, but the Cokes mine!




Son of a…..

Went to the Steve Irwin Australia zoo yesterday. Very cool. What’s not cool is I somehow deleted all the photos I took. I’m devastated. Bryce paid $50.00 for some software to retrieve the photos. And if you knew my husband, that’s amazing. He just didn’t want to spend $200 next Sunday just so we could go back to the zoo to retake the photos.
Here are some videos of us feeding the elephants and the croc and bird show. The zoo here is completely different than the zoo in Omaha. It doesn’t have very many animals at all but it’s very hands on with the animals. We held a baby crocodile in the first few steps into the zoo. They just walk around with animals for you to touch and hold.

Clean up on aisle 5

My probiotics come in a glass jar. FYI



They can’t even sit for a half hour during Bella’s swimming lessons.





Neighbor Sharon brought over some Pimm’s the other Day. Yum! 1 cup Pimm, 1 cup lemonade, 1 cup ginger beer. I think……


Clothes line

So some of the mums in Bella’s class think I’m nuts for not hanging my laundry outside to dry. I told them, hell no! I’ll pay the electric bill just to have the peace of mind of not transferring something in the house from the clothes line. (This is for you Liz) So today I thought it would be best to hang my big fluffy winter blanket outside to dry. I stepped on a gecko with my bare feet! NEVER AGAIN WILL I STEP FOOT OUT THE LAUNDRY DOOR TO HANG DRY MY CLOTHES.

This would NEVER happen back home

Back home we just call the cops. Hahaha
This is actually the second time Bryce and I have come across this. When we lived in the apartment downtown there was a sign posted in the elevator stating the same thing.
Little does jasmine know, I’ll show up to her party!


Brisbane parks

The parks here are amazing. This is one my friend Lauren told me about and I finally found it after getting lost 3 times. And not only did I get lost, I just realized I went around the round-a-bout the wrong way! I’m sure this sits well with Sharon seeing as how I drive her son to school every Thursday.