What? Huh?

Last week I put an ad on a nanny website looking for a nanny. I got around 35 emails contacting me, but I only replied to the ones that used proper grammar and punctuation.

I started emailing back and forth with one gal setting up a time for an interview on Saturday. I gave her my address and on the last email she sent me she said…….just a heads up, I’m hearing impaired. What? I wanted to write back…..wtf does that mean? Are you fully deaf or just hard of hearing. Jesus.

So Bryce and I talked and felt that we should still interview her. I’m not sure what to expect but I do know that Bella is learning sign language in school so Bryce said to just have Bella talk to her. She’ll be here in an hour so I asked Bella what sign language does she know. She said, UNO, dos…..Bella, that’s Spanish not sign language.

So basically we’re screwed.

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