Clothes line

So some of the mums in Bella’s class think I’m nuts for not hanging my laundry outside to dry. I told them, hell no! I’ll pay the electric bill just to have the peace of mind of not transferring something in the house from the clothes line. (This is for you Liz) So today I thought it would be best to hang my big fluffy winter blanket outside to dry. I stepped on a gecko with my bare feet! NEVER AGAIN WILL I STEP FOOT OUT THE LAUNDRY DOOR TO HANG DRY MY CLOTHES.

3 responses to “Clothes line

  • peggymedema1

    #1: Don’t go outside barefooted! #2: Look where you are stepping. #3: I can’t send my daughter over there because she would freak out bigger than you have!!!

  • Liz

    Good try Abby, you are making progress… But I should have told you never to set foot outside unless you’re wearing a pair of thongs (rubber footwear – not skimpy undies!!!!) I guess you should be thankful you only trod on a gecko and not a water dragon!!!!!! Ha ha, only joking.

  • WallABBY

    Great, got this message too late. I just went outside in my thong.

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