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Done and done

Now this is what I need for my house! This must keep EVERYTHING out!


Should I be surprised?

The builder showed up this morning with the wrong door. It’s like a foxtel nightmare all over again. The reason the door took so long to get installed in the first place was because it was a custom door the owners had designed. Bryce told the builder that he doesn’t care anymore what the owners want. Just put up the door that you brought! Ha. Go Bryce. The owners of our rental built this house as their dream home but then the husband got a job offer in Sydney he couldn’t refuse. Well when they finally get to move in their dream home, a few years from now they will see that the A-Team put their own personal touch with the garage door.
So the builder is there now installing a door the owners don’t want. You know what I say, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

HUGE day for the A-Team!!

After waiting for almost 2 months we are finally getting a door from the garage to the house!!!!! So the gigantic spiders that we find in the garage can’t make it into my bed. Oh, and the cleaning lady is coming today.

When in Rome

Everyone here pops their collar.

When in Rome…..


And so it begins

Bella has a slight Australian accent already. We’ve only been here 2.5 months! Today she busted out with…….mum, I need to use the toilet. I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal but if you heard her say it, you would understand my shock. She says, Coopa instead of Cooper. And rubbish bin instead of trash. All with a slight accent. Bryce and I cannot believe it. I can only imagine what Coopa will sound like in a year……Mum? Yes darling? Can I play rugby next year? No darling. Go Huskers!


No….it’s not Jamie and Jodie. My parents (Greg and Rose) are coming for Christmas! The kids are sooooo excited. Bella said today that she can’t wait to show nana and papa all the things to do here! I said I can’t wait to dump the kids on my parents and get the hell out of town! Vacation!!!! Just kidding mom and dad. MAybe for one night. My parents are going to be utterly shocked by coopers size and speech. When we left he wasn’t even two and barely talked. Now he’s half the size of Bryce and wears a cup. Merry Christmas all!

Guns vs Snakes

So come to find out from my happy hour last Friday night that some Australians are afraid to come to America because they’ll get shot. (Thanks again Fox News) The ladies asked me if I was afraid of getting shot? No. Maybe if you were in south central LA, at night, alone, MAYBE. But no, your chances of getting shot are slim to none. So the ladies put it all into perspective for me. My chance of seeing a snake is about the same chance of me getting shot in west Omaha. I still don’t believe them and they don’t believe me. So come to America and get shot as soon as you step foot off the plane or come to Australia where there are biblical plagues of poisonous snakes in your homes.

Clean up in aisle 1

They use glass jars for their mayonnaise. Just a heads up.



Ok, if Aussies don’t think it’s hot today, then I’m in for big trouble this summer. Holy sveatty balls.

Friday night happy hour

And some friends over last night for happy hour! Had a great time. My head still hurts…..