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Club Cauldwell this Sunday arvo



Prayers please!

Please pray that Bryce doesn’t check the credit card bill before he comes home. If he does, I’m afraid he might not come back. Thanks

One more

Learning curve

It’s only day one of the school holidays and Bella is already bored. I decided to take all 3 kids to Lone Pine by myself. Big mistake! We got trapped on the wooden walkway by two water dragons. Cooper was screaming and Lola and Bella had ahold of both my legs, screaming. I was so scared I couldn’t move. Every time I took a step the dragons would move in my direction which would make the kids scream and cry louder. Finally someone came from the other direction and scared them away. Stupid wild life. Next we went to feed the kangaroos. Here’s a video of the madness. I have learned now not to go without help. One adult for 3 kids is clearly not enough.

Christmas 2013

So as most of you know, my parents are coming to Brisbane for Christmas! I got their bunk beds ordered and they should be delivered next week. I wonder who will take the top bunk? Anyhoo……I’m very excited because I’ve never gone this long without my mom taking me clothes shopping and I’m 37. Only 92 more days!!!!!!

(Everything above is a joke for the people who don’t get my sense of humor. I hate that I even have to write this. But seriously, mom, I need clothes and if I were you I’d pick the bottom bunk. Heat rises and it’s going to be hot as shit when you’re here and I don’t have air con)

9 News

Tonight I was watching the 9 News in Brisbane Australia. They were talking about twin boys who tried to kill their father. One of the twins had a Nebraska sweatshirt on.

Ham samich


So now that I know my parents have purchased their plane tickets and there’s no turning back, I thought this would be a good time to let them know that I don’t have air conditioning. It will be 100+ the whole time they’re here.
Mwahahahahaha. Mwhahahahahahaha!


Got new togs for swimming lessons.