Mommy! Snake!

I’m out on the deck and I hear Cooper scream….MOMMY! SNAKE!

My first thought was…..ok, he just yelled that from INSIDE the house. OMG!!!! This is it. The day I’ve been dreading. The day I have to deal with a snake and it’s in my house.

My second thought was…….dammit, Lola! She left the garage door open again! This is her fault. When all else fails, blame Lola.

So I muster up the courage to stand up and yell, “cooper! Where are you?” Of course I didn’t go looking for him. Duh. He yells back…..IM IN YO ROOM…..

OMG!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Not only is there a snake in my house, it’s in my room! So I scream for him to come to me…..he doesn’t come. I continue to scream for the next couple mins then Cooper finally walks out onto the deck. He says, mommy, snake, I show you then proceeds to grab my hand and walk me into my room…….then into my bathroom…….where I find a big poop in his potty…..he points at his potty and says, see mommy, snake……

Little shit has a sense of humor.

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