Not a good blogger….

So I’ve realized that I’m not a very good blogger. It’s hard to find time between gymnastics, parenting, swimming lessons, parenting, school, parenting, art class, and parenting to sit down and “blog”.  For example…..It took me approximately 30 minutes to write the first sentence in this post. I had to get up and get apple juice for Lola, take Cooper potty, wipe up the apple juice that Lola spilled, put the ham back into Coopers sandwich, listen to a story that Lola was telling me about a bear in her room who ate her underwear. Sigh……..

So a couple things happened today that I thought I would share. I finally got a chance to take Lola and Cooper to the library. When we arrived it just so happened they were having toddler time. Great! So we go and sit down in a circle and they are singing songs having a great time. I was just beginning to think to myself that it was going to be a good day! WRONG………

Cooper is running around the room screaming, “MOMMY, LOOK AT MY BOOTY BUTT!” as he’s pulling down his pants. Then Lola starts in doing the same thing. So needless to say, I “gently” grabbed them and left. We went out into the library and decided to check out some books. We fill the bag with around 15 books and go to check out. Nope, won’t let me have them because I don’t have an Australian drivers license. Try explaining to a 2 and 3 year old that we can’t take the books with us. Screaming ensued. I “gently” grabbed them and left the library all together.

To make up for not getting them books I took them to Subway for a sandwich. We walk in and there is a HUGE line. As I’m waiting in line Cooper and Lola are standing nicely by the door. All of a sudden Cooper starts screaming he has to go pee pee. I’m next in line and don’t want to lose my place so I ask him if he can hold it. So then Lola says….”Cooper, just hold your pee pee like this” So both of my children are standing in Subway holding their pee pee’s doing the pee pee dance. Finally Cooper can’t hold it and I have to tell them I’ll be back, I need to take him to the toilet. As we are coming back from the toilet Lola opens the door and it scraps off the top of her toe. Ear piercing screaming ensued. I get my sandwiches and leave. The End.

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