10 days…..but who’s counting???

My parents will be here next Friday!!! So excited! Bryce and I planned a little outing to Stradbroke Island when they get here. It’s a 45 min drive from our house to the pier, then another 45 min boat ride to the island. Pure paradise awaits! I still can’t believe I live here! Some people in Brisbane will do Stradbroke Island “Straddie” just as a day trip because it’s so close…..but I booked us for 2 nights. This mama is ready for a vaca. The part I’m not keen on is I just got done watching shark week. The largest great white (24 ft) was spotted off Stradbroke Island. REALLY…..really…….Of course. I will conquer my fear and still snorkel. I may not enjoy it because I will be looking around me instead of the marine wildlife, but whatev’s, mark that shit off the bucket list! I posted a couple pics below that I pulled off the internet of Straddie.







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