Kid free island adventure!

Sunday Bryce and I had an island adventure without kids! Kathy is still in town so we dumped our beautiful children on her and took off for Bribie Island. Bribie island is an hours drive from our house. It’s the only island off the coast of Australia that is connected by a bridge. We went with a good friend of mine and her husband and kids. We were suppose to bring our kids but decided that grandma really needed time with them! Ha

Bribie island is known for 4 wheeling and driving on the beach. We had an amazing time. Got stuck in the sand a couple of times but it was totally worth it. Had lunch on the beach and went swimming in the ocean. Alone. Without kids. So relaxing. Here are some pictures and videos of our kid free island day!

These photos are of the drive across the island to get to the beach. This is where we got stuck a few times. It was about an hour of 4 wheeling! Would have been fun with a Polaris ranger!






Emerging from the 4 wheeling onto the beach.








Found these little guys all over the beach. Blue jellyfish. Very dangerous if we would have gotten stung. SHOCKING I KNOW! Something deadly? Crazy talk!



Here is a video of us driving down the beach. So amazing. We drove for about 30 mins!

We stopped at here and had a few beers before heading home to our wonderful kids.



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