You would be utterly shocked and amazed at how they administer vaccines here. First off, they said after looking at my kids records, the US vaccinates way more than Australia does. There was one vaccine that the US doesn’t give but Australia does (don’t ask me what one, I don’t remember the name) something to do with an infection in the nose that could kill your kid within 12 hours. Needless to say all three kids got it.

So they take my kids back to a room with three beds and a refrigerator. We sit down and watch as they pull the vaccines out of the refrigerator and mix them!!! So all three of my kids are sitting there watching getting more nervous by the minute. Then they come over and give them a shot in the arm while they watch!!! WTF? Don’t let the kids watch!!! Lola went first and needless to say,after Bella and Cooper watched they were hysterically crying. He best part was, when the nurse came into the room she asked ME what shots they were getting!!! OH MY GOD!!!! Back home, they already have the shots prepared before they come into the room. They don’t let the kids see the shots and they make you sign paper work before administering the shots.

So after everyone shot up, the nurse asked me for my book.?? Umm, what? She said its a book that parents keep with the vaccine schedule. Yeah……..see back home we enter it into one of those computer thingys. And the doctors office does that.

Lord help me……..

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