End of summer holiday

To mark the end of summer and the end of term one of school, we went on holiday to twin waters. Great place to holiday with kids! We went with two other families and had an awesome time. The resort was incredibly kid friendly. The kids could just ride their scooters and explore the resort without us! We went for 5 days and I could have stayed longer. The resort was on a lake and just across the road was the ocean. On the lake you could kayak, sail, paddle board, ect. The resort always put on activities for the kids to compete in. Tug of war, sand castle building contests, ironman, ect. My kids had a great time. The last couple holidays we went on Bryce and I wanted to chuck our kids into the ocean, but this time was waaaaay more relaxing. It helped that their friends were there to entertain them while mommy drank beers by the pool. The best day was when we went on a family bike ride. Bryce had Lola on the back of his bike and I had cooper on the back of mine. Bella rode her own bike of course. We all agreed that the bike ride was the best part of our holiday. We rode around the lake and around the resort. I think Bryce and I really enjoyed it because the kids were actually quiet……the whole time…….it was amazing. Here are some pictures and one video of Bella winning a ribbon for her sand castle.

View of the back of the resort


Picture of Bella Saturday morning after she pulled out her own tooth!


The kids swimming in the pool




Went sailing a few times


Bella, Zoe, and Ruby headed out for some water activity


Wild kangaroo right outside our hotel room


Sand castle building contest. The theme was life sized motorized vehicle. Bella and Bryce did air force one. We came in dead last. They say it’s because Bryce did too much of the work, but I say it’s because it has USA on the wings! Bella did win third place in the sand castle building contest the day before but I didn’t get any pictures of it. She made the Easter bunny’s house.







Zoe in her train



Video of Bella receiving her ribbon

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