My fourth child

My fourth child is on her way! She just boarded the plane in Omaha. She’ll be here in 24 hours. So excited! Ok, ok, she’s not MY child, but pretty dang close. Renae is our old neighbor girl who use to babysit my kids. She was there when I brought Bella home 6 years ago. She’s held every one of my kids hours after they were born. She’s been babysitting my kids since she was 8!!! She’s now 14 and headed to Australia by herself! Bryce made a deal with her last year that if she saved up $1000 from babysitting he would pay the rest of her ticket to come visit! Well needless to say, she did it! And needless to say, her parents are a nervous wreck!!! Don’t worry Dan and Theresa, she’s in good hands. We have lots planned for her when she arrives. Sea World, Steve Irwin zoo, Whale Watching, picnic on Bribe Island!!
No one deserves this trip more than Renae! Straight A student and just all around rock star girl!!!

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