Took Renae over to Moreton Island to Tangalooma. We rode segways on the beach and her and Bryce snorkeled the ship wrecks. We had passes to feed the wild dolphins but something happened that has never happened at the wild dolphin feeding before. Usually the dolphins come in at dusk and are hand fed by all the tourists. 50-75 people line up and take turns walking into the ocean and hand feed them. Well last night a giant school of fish came swimming through the dolphin feeding area and the dolphins went crazy! So all the people waiting in line never got to hand feed the dolphins because the dolphins were feeding themselves! One guy standing there said he’s been working there 11 years and has never seen this happen! Luckily we didn’t line up on the shore yet so we got front row seats to the feeding frenzy! 20140609-164906.jpg20140609-164922.jpg20140609-164944.jpg20140609-165322.jpg20140609-165401.jpg20140609-165339.jpg20140609-165351.jpg20140609-165413.jpg20140609-171108.jpg20140609-171122.jpg20140609-171136.jpg20140609-171200.jpg

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