My fourth child

My fourth child is on her way! She just boarded the plane in Omaha. She’ll be here in 24 hours. So excited! Ok, ok, she’s not MY child, but pretty dang close. Renae is our old neighbor girl who use to babysit my kids. She was there when I brought Bella home 6 years ago. She’s held every one of my kids hours after they were born. She’s been babysitting my kids since she was 8!!! She’s now 14 and headed to Australia by herself! Bryce made a deal with her last year that if she saved up $1000 from babysitting he would pay the rest of her ticket to come visit! Well needless to say, she did it! And needless to say, her parents are a nervous wreck!!! Don’t worry Dan and Theresa, she’s in good hands. We have lots planned for her when she arrives. Sea World, Steve Irwin zoo, Whale Watching, picnic on Bribe Island!!
No one deserves this trip more than Renae! Straight A student and just all around rock star girl!!!

American night at the Anderson’s

Hot wings and beer……mmmm


Happy Easter

The Easter bunny made it to our house in Australia. The kids did an egg hunt in our house but I forgot to take photos. We also did an egg hunt outside with our neighbors. And yes mom……we went to church.













Pics for the family

Bryce has been in meetings all week in Istanbul Turkey. The kids and I decided to send funny photos of ourselves to brighten his day. Here are the photos.

I also asked Bryce if he bought me anything. He said he put a piece of Turkish bread in his pocket. He hopes it will still be good by the time he gets home. So basically……..he didn’t get me shit.






Easter 2014

During the school holiday a good friend of mine, Lauren, had an Easter party for the kids. Some photos…….

















And one video

End of summer holiday

To mark the end of summer and the end of term one of school, we went on holiday to twin waters. Great place to holiday with kids! We went with two other families and had an awesome time. The resort was incredibly kid friendly. The kids could just ride their scooters and explore the resort without us! We went for 5 days and I could have stayed longer. The resort was on a lake and just across the road was the ocean. On the lake you could kayak, sail, paddle board, ect. The resort always put on activities for the kids to compete in. Tug of war, sand castle building contests, ironman, ect. My kids had a great time. The last couple holidays we went on Bryce and I wanted to chuck our kids into the ocean, but this time was waaaaay more relaxing. It helped that their friends were there to entertain them while mommy drank beers by the pool. The best day was when we went on a family bike ride. Bryce had Lola on the back of his bike and I had cooper on the back of mine. Bella rode her own bike of course. We all agreed that the bike ride was the best part of our holiday. We rode around the lake and around the resort. I think Bryce and I really enjoyed it because the kids were actually quiet……the whole time…….it was amazing. Here are some pictures and one video of Bella winning a ribbon for her sand castle.

View of the back of the resort


Picture of Bella Saturday morning after she pulled out her own tooth!


The kids swimming in the pool




Went sailing a few times


Bella, Zoe, and Ruby headed out for some water activity


Wild kangaroo right outside our hotel room


Sand castle building contest. The theme was life sized motorized vehicle. Bella and Bryce did air force one. We came in dead last. They say it’s because Bryce did too much of the work, but I say it’s because it has USA on the wings! Bella did win third place in the sand castle building contest the day before but I didn’t get any pictures of it. She made the Easter bunny’s house.







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You would be utterly shocked and amazed at how they administer vaccines here. First off, they said after looking at my kids records, the US vaccinates way more than Australia does. There was one vaccine that the US doesn’t give but Australia does (don’t ask me what one, I don’t remember the name) something to do with an infection in the nose that could kill your kid within 12 hours. Needless to say all three kids got it.

So they take my kids back to a room with three beds and a refrigerator. We sit down and watch as they pull the vaccines out of the refrigerator and mix them!!! So all three of my kids are sitting there watching getting more nervous by the minute. Then they come over and give them a shot in the arm while they watch!!! WTF? Don’t let the kids watch!!! Lola went first and needless to say,after Bella and Cooper watched they were hysterically crying. He best part was, when the nurse came into the room she asked ME what shots they were getting!!! OH MY GOD!!!! Back home, they already have the shots prepared before they come into the room. They don’t let the kids see the shots and they make you sign paper work before administering the shots.

So after everyone shot up, the nurse asked me for my book.?? Umm, what? She said its a book that parents keep with the vaccine schedule. Yeah……..see back home we enter it into one of those computer thingys. And the doctors office does that.

Lord help me……..